The Day Breakers

Day Breakers Beat Band

Top most band in Mumbai

Introducing ourselves as Day-Breakers the leading band in Mumbai. The Day Breakers Band has been in action together for the last 20 years and have performed all over India, Singapore and Dubai for Stage Shows, Social Dances and are also specialises in arranging Music English & Konkani Albums.

our group comprises of 5 members under the leadership of:

Manuel NoronhaKey Board and Vocals
Julius NoronhaLead Guitar and Vocals
Khorshed (Carol)Female Vocalist
MarshallDrums & Octopads
CajiBass Guitar & Vocals

We as a Band performs lots of Pop, Retro & Hip Hop Music and some of our own Composition and Hindi Remixes.

Since years, we have given our best in performance as we perform for Parties, Socials, Dance, Weddings and New Year Ball.
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Contact Numbers:

Manuel Noronha+91-9833182953
Julius Noronha+91-9892244475
Land Line:2207 4274